Careington 500 Dental Plan 

The Careington 500 Dental Plan is a discount dental plan that is very affordable for any one.

Sign up online today and go to the dentist today!  No waiting.  You'll receive a temporary ID card in your email within 30 minutes at the end of the application process. You can take it with you to one of our dentists immediately.  See how much your savings will be at the dentist here.

The Careington 500 dental plan includes a vision discount program for no additional cost and if needed, you can add our optional discount prescription program for only $1.00 a month more!  Individual plan starts at $6.95/month.  See table below for additional number of Careington members: 

# of Members 
1 Member 
$6.95/mo or $75.06/yr 
2 Members 
$11.95/mo or $129.06
3+ Members 
$15.95/mo or $172.26 

Plus a one time non-refundable $20 admin fee
Pay annually and save 10%!
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PLEASE NOTE: You must use dentists that are within our "network" of providers, so the 1st step is to conduct a provider search to be sure there are dentists near you!  Find a Careington Care Provider near you 

Careington 500 Dental Plan

You get immediate access to our Dental program. Save 20% to 60% on most of the dental procedures performed routinely including oral exams, you get unlimited cleaning's, and major work such as dentures, root canals and crowns are also included!

Are Orthodontics Included?  Yes -  at no extra cost!

Are specialists Included?  Absolutely!  Examples: Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Pedodontics, Periodontics, dentures, etc. Save 20% on all work done by a Dental Specialist.

How big is Careington?  Careington is one of the nation’s largest dental provider networks.

Our discount Vision Plan is included at no extra cost! 

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We do NOT "repackage & resell" the dental plan for a larger profit.

We offer a monthly payment plan - not just annually.

No waiting! Sign up today & go to the dentist today.  We don't make you wait 3-4 days.







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